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AlleShield® is the most medically beneficial, profitable, and successful ancillary medical program that can be added to a primary care medical practice.

This true and traditional allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment program is approved and covered by Medicare, Commercial, and most Medicaid programs around the nation.

Allergy Testing in Your Practice

Most practices currently refer their suspected allergy patients out to a specialist, where there can be wait times of several months just to see the specialist. Primary care providers can now offer skin scratch testing right in their office.

Stop Sending Patients Away

AlleShield® also offers genuine subcutaneous injection immunotherapy created right in their office. This means that patients don't have to be referred out and wait months to be tested. It also means that providers are able to capture more revenue and offer a more comprehensive medical service to their patients.

Program Benefits

As a full-service allergy program, we do everything required for a successful program including: insurance verifications, pre-authorizations, testing, immunotherapy creation, immunotherapy administration, patient education, all EMR updating and paperwork, and all the billing to ensure that the practice gets paid for the services performed.

  • Complete coverage of all start-up and overhead expenses in the program, this means all of the costs are covered by Novagen, the practice pays nothing to get started.
  • Substantial flow of revenue generated in the program, directly from the payers to the practice.
  • Comprehensive support from our headquarters in Houston, Texas.
  • Local support from our area managers and traveling trainers.
  • MACRA MIPS program satisfaction by offering more on-site testing and treatment.
  • Happy healthy patients who appreciate having this service in the practice.
  • A full-time trained and certified allergy technician provided to the practice, paid for by Novagen.
“How different the world would be if every company came up to your standards.I am always amazed at the work you do and the speed of the responses to questions. Thanks for helping me grow!”
Helen Lane, MD

Lane, Merrel & Clark Practice

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For a limited time, try AlleShield® at your practice for 180 days no cost! Enjoy a free introductory period of AlleShield® for all new physicians.

AlleShield® will make an excellent addition to your practice. Contact us for more details and see if your practice qualifies for the number one ancillary medical program available to primary care providers.

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Point of Care Diagnostic Labs

Novagen Diagnostics Point of Care Diagnostic Labs offers medium to large practices, and practice groups, the opportunity to have a fully functional moderate complex lab operating right inside their practice with no startup costs to the practice.

Novagen Diagnostics will gather all the needed lab order history information from your practice and compile a thorough presentation and proforma of what a moderate complex lab looks like in your practice.

Point of Care Diagnostic Labs Benefits

Offering PGx, Toxicology, Wellness, Blood, and Immunocap laboratory services for your practice. Reporting is available through the latest online portal technologies and most test results are available in 48 hours!

Contact us today to see if your practice qualifies for its own moderate complex lab, paid for and operated by Novagen Diagnostics!

  • On-site laboratory testing for your practice, covering the majority of all needed testing.
  • Faster turnaround times, often same day results.
  • Convenience for your patients, they don’t need to go anywhere else to have a sample collected.
  • Full-Service program for the practice, Novagen provides all equipment, staff, and support for the lab, including all the billing for the lab as well.
  • Substantial flow of revenue generated from the program that would otherwise be referred out, revenue for that cannot be legally obtained in any other way except to have a lab operating in the practice.
  • Local and national support to help the practice adapt to having a new lab. MACRA MIPS program satisfaction by ensuring patients complete their lab orders.

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