Frequently Asked Questions


Do I qualify for the AlleShield® allergy program?

To see if you qualify for an allergy program, and claim your 90 day free trial of the program, please fill out the practice information section and our AlleShield® team with get to work figuring out if an allergy program will work in your practice.


How can I get my own lab in my practice operated by Novagen Diagnostics?

First, fill out the lab questions and submit your practice information so the Novagen lab team can run some estimates for your practice. Not all practices are eligible, but many are and we would be happy to review this information with you.

Do I qualify for a Point of Care Diagnostic Lab?

After submitting your practice details we will run several scenarios for a moderate/high complex lab operating in your practice to make sure it’s going to be possible. Practices that often qualify are those that have several providers, are ordering several dozen labs per day, and have payer contract rates sufficient to receive payment.